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PROTOid™ by CribMaster
PROTOid™ tools are designed to solve an age old problem of managing tools. PROTOid tools come complete with an embedded, passive UHF RFID tag in the tool and when combined with a CribMaster RFID solution, provide you with positive tool control. Whether you are in aerospace manufacturing, an aircraft MRO operation, a nuclear power plant or any high accountability operation, PROTOid will help complete your tool control solution by providing many benefits. 

PROTOid tools enable a much more rapid go-live strategy for CribMaster.  Each PROTOid tool is encoded at CribMaster which enables "Discovery Mode" to simplify set-up. This feature, along with the fact that you don't have to externally apply a tag, can speed the rollout of your solution dramatically. Discovery mode in CribMaster software will recognize that it is a PROTOid tool by a specific encoding and will automatically create your item numbers, manufacturers part number description, serial numbers, and bins. What an added benefit to an already proven solution. PROTOid is the final link in a complete tool control solution.


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